About Us

Glamour Dance Costumes is engaged in development and creation of exclusive collections, theatrical and fancy costumes, dancing suits for any occasion and stylish clothes.

You can order custom manufactured costumes from us:

  • for creative studios

  • for ballroom and east dances of stage

  • for Salsa and Latin style dances

  • for dance recitals, competitions and performances

  • show and a variety show of sports studios (figure skating, art gymnastics, etc.)

  • carnivals and fancy dress representations

  • advertising and promotion of expositions

  • of drama schools


We can also create for you:

  • stylish birthday, special occasion and pageant dresses

  • children's play and fantasy clothes.

  • Pop Star Costumes


And many other things we shall make all this for you under the individual order, from your sketches or we shall develop a costume within the limits of the allocated budget. Our designer-fashion designer Jennifer Ramos will consult you for the choice of style and colour score.

We can professionally issue celebration events, corporate and children's parties. With Glamour Dance Costumes, you can always get costumes of our own manufacture and accessories too such as costume jewelry with genuine Swarovski crystals, fabrics, carnival masks, wigs, hats, boas, fancy dresses and celebratory ornaments for competitions. We even offer those hard-to-find high even high heels in small sizes (32-35) for little girls.

We create suits of a different level of cost and guarantee a high level of art execution and quality of tailoring. We offer terms and are able to be flexible and grateful. Please contact us and we can customized your order.



                                             Glamour Dance Costumes

                                                                            Director - Jennifer Ramos 

                                                                                  Ciudad Juarez, MX 

                                                                  email:  ramosjennifer@yahoo.com